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Life is Better with
Fruit & Vegetables

The Irish government’s target for optimum health and nutrition was 5 to 7 portions daily. In research commissioned by Bord Bia in 2020, the average Irish Millennial was eating only 3.9 portions daily and more alarmingly 39% of men and 27% of women were eating zero portions daily.

Our objective was to educate and engage the Millennials audience on the benefits of fruit and vegetables to support their wellbeing.

Understanding The Audience

We used ROI TGI data to profile the Millennials audience in Ireland. They encompass 3 distinct life stages: Young Families, Unconstrained couples and Independent Individuals.

We built a ‘Media Day in the Life’ to identify the top media channels to reach the audience which identified the power of social, YouTube and digital publishers. TGI insights told us that Instagram and Facebook were the most visited social platforms by Irish Millennials

Social networking inspiration

We implemented a video-first organic and paid strategy with inspirational recipes and bespoke content series including ‘The Grower Series’ which focused on Farm to Fork messaging. To further extend social reach, we tapped into our influencer audiences by rolling out a series of branded partnership campaigns which allowed for Life Is Better to have an authentic voice.

Google – Capture audience on go-to web and app publishers

Seasonality trends were factored into the creative refreshes to further educate what was in season across Google Display Network. To ensure our visuals remained front and centre of our bullseye audience’s mind, we applied a layered targeting approach. Affinity audiences tapped into the top go-to websites of Irish Millennials such as DonalSkehan, The Happy Pear, and In-Market captured those actively searching for recipes and healthy eating.

On YouTube we exploited our short form video assets using a mix of 6-second and 30-second video creative.

Exploiting top Irish Multi-Channel publishers

TGI showed Irish Times and Irish Independent as the top publishers for Irish Millennials, with free student subscriptions on Irish Times giving the edge.  Across both publishers, we used a combination of full-page advertorial recipes in print, native content with support social and digital display assets. We matched the voice of each publisher to increase authenticity, showcasing recipes , our influencers and events.


‘Life is Better’ started in 2022 and to date has exceeded campaign expectations with over 12.56 Million impressions across Year One and Year Two. Our media planning and buying capability has proved a perfect partnership of aligning creative messaging with the target audience.

Being the creative house for the campaign has also allowed us to align data to creative and craft engaging video creative that has driven over 6 million views from launch.

As we enter the third year of the partnership, we continue to learn and evolve, continuing to deliver a multi-channel campaign across Paid Social, Display, YouTube, Influencer, and Publisher Partnerships.


  • 12.56 Million impressions across Year One and Year Two
  • over 6 million views from launch