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5 years of Connecting for Positive Change.

Branding the UK’s innovation hub

KTN, a UK-wide government agency funded by UKRI/Innovate UK, has championed innovation for over 40 years. Its mission is to connect ideas, people, and communities to address environmental challenges locally and globally. KTN has always served as a connector and advisor for businesses and academia, leveraging innovation for growth.

Since partnering with KTN in 2019, we launched a new brand and digital platform in 2020 and now provide ongoing brand and digital strategy. In 2022, KTN was absorbed into UKRI Innovate UK, necessitating a rebrand to align with its parent entity. Our challenge was to integrate KTN’s identity with UKRI’s while maintaining its mission, vision, and values.

We adapted KTN’s design system to align with UKRI’s brand, ensuring full accessibility. Through collaborative workshops and research, we created a design solution that embraced both legacy brands. In just five months, we developed unique visual and verbal elements derived from the master brand, allowing KTN to maintain its identity and momentum while aligning with UKRI Innovate UK’s branding.

“In a short space of time, Mammoth have understood, interpreted & integrated into our team - really getting to grips with the challenges & opportunities of building our new brand strategy & identity. They’re a pleasure to work with: upfront, honest, committed and fun”.

Fran McIntyre Director of Communications
Innovate UK KTN