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University of Exeter: Green Futures


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As University of Exeter’s strategic brand partner since 2019, we’ve been working together with a remit to enhance reputation and awareness in a hyper competitive market.

For this campaign we were set the challenge of positioning them as progressive university, shaping a greener, healthier, and fairer society, at the forefront of climate-based research.


This culminated in creating a thought leadership climate platform ‘Green Futures’ and business partnership offering, ‘Green Futures Solutions’.

Launched for maximum impact around COP 26, ‘Green Futures’ played a role in shaking the complacency of G7 leaders as we head into an existential climate crisis.

This led to the ‘Green Futures’ platform playing host to debates and discussions fuelled by advanced research. It continues today as an ever-evolving forum for ideas and innovation that is helping change the world.

Thought leading.

Mind bending.

Opinion shaping.

Behaviour changing.



Alongside Green Futures, we’ve continued to collaborate with all corners of this amazing organisation on projects including a university brand transformation, fresh positioning for the Business School and numerous high impact research reputation campaigns.

We’re both proud and excited to reinforce their position in the top 20 UK universities and partner on a journey to position as champion of a greener, healthier, and fairer society.

“I genuinely think you are one of the best agencies on the planet and an exemplar of collaboration.“

Jane Chafer - Director of Marketing.
University of Exeter