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Transforming confusion into cohesion — challenge accepted

AquaQ Analytics is a global data intelligence consultancy serving the financial markets. They have an exceptional reputation, specialising in a hyper competitive market with multiple big players such as First Derivatives, Treliant, and Caspian One. They work with huge amounts of data, reviewing & analysing, allowing world leading financial firms to solve complex data problems.

The Challenge

They came to us with an ambitious growth plan, to double in size and turnover in the next 3 years. A challenge focused on creating a powerful brand that would reinvent their positioning and story — aligned to growth ambition, value proposition and expertise.

With a team of over 250 and office in Belfast, London, Singapore, New York and Tokyo, AquaQ had grown far beyond the original tech start-up to a major player in the global finance analytics sector. Mammoth challenged their management team to build on this incredible growth with a new name, brand strategy, visual identity and unashamedly forthright tone of voice.


For Data Intellect it has never been just about data or technology — they’re just the tools. It’s about human intellect, collaboration and providing solutions for the most complex of challenges. They act as a trusted partner to clients, defining the questions that need answered, adding insight and know-how and then implementing data solutions that advance the strongest outcomes. Solving complex problems is the focal point that bind them together — wherever they are in the world.

So, our rebrand is driven by a single universal idea. If every challenge makes us stronger, more knowledgeable, more determined and more valuable to our clients…

Challenge Accepted.

The Result

The Result

We’ve become a trusted strategic advisor and partner to Data Intellect. We’re now in the growth evolution process of planning further activity to help them reach the goal of becoming a world leader in tackling complex data problems for the financial services market. The growth journey has only just started.

"We selected Mammoth as they aligned with our core values and brought forward ideas that challenged us. They truly became a collaborative partner, involving our staff in the whole process, ensuring transparency with key stakeholders, and fostering an environment which was open to diverse ideas and discussions."

Steve Turner Chief Executive Officer
Data Intellect