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Citeline is the world’s leading provider of market intelligence in the pharmaceutical and medtech industries. Working with 500+ subject matter experts and a network of 1.7 million healthcare providers in the US alone, Citeline has helped with the design, implementation, and success of over 400,000 clinical trials across 200 countries.

Underneath those facts and figures, however, is the heart of the organization: people. Citeline exists to accelerate the connection of treatments to patients and patients to treatments.


The Challenge

Citeline was caught between a brand evolution and a revolution. Independently, Citeline was crafting its own identity to set itself apart from former owners, Informa; but it was also time to merge with Norstella, combining to form a $5bn powerhouse in the world of health sciences and biopharmaceuticals.

So, here we have an organisation with big ambition, even bigger sales targets, and the highest expectations from its leaders and partners as well as patients around the world. Citeline needed to do more than launch its own sector leading brand with an evolved look that could stand out amongst the biggest players. This is a brand that is all about helping people – and as a brand that puts people first, a new rallying cry for its own teams to get behind was vital.

Our Insight

Our approach for creating Citeline’s brand was rooted in behaviour: bring the hunger of an agile start up, tear up the norms, create our own metrics for what success in this industry really means.

This is a market crowded with brands playing on their data, technology, and precision. Citeline’s outcomes are so much more than numbers and analysis. Every single particle of data is a gateway to expert insight – and that is another step towards lifesaving treatments.

Citeline brings hope through a vision for a healthier world.



Citeline makes sense of an impossible amount of impossibly complex data. These experts come together and use the art of insight to turn masses of information into intelligence.

We took inspiration from nature’s own translation of chaos into order: murmurations. A collective working together to become something bigger than the sum of their parts, something that changes the way you view it and the space it operates in.

Using our data flow murmuration as a design system allows us to champion, frame, highlight and illustrate complex content in a simple, cohesive and flexible way without compromise to creativity.

This was not only the key informer of our new visual identity, but it also became our north star in defining Citeline’s brand transformation.

Transforming the way you see the world.



Built for the digital age, the brand has been made ready for all media channels and platforms, suiting the varied needs of always-on global pharma clients. From the brand playbook to sales collateral, broad reach advertising campaigns to highly targeted product-specific tactical comms…every asset Is working together to position Citeline as the pharmaceutical Intelligence solution.

And best of all…We’re just getting started.


“We’ve worked with Mammoth for several years. Our partnership has been instrumental in creating an impactful and engaging new Citeline brand identity – from visual and verbal perspectives and laying the groundwork for our overall ethos as an organization.The Citeline brand represents the best of what we do. As we continue to work together to embed the brand and build flagship campaigns, it will help catapult our organization into an exciting new future. When we work with Mammoth, it feels like we are one big team. They’re not afraid to question things and have healthy debate building the best outcomes for the brand.The Citeline team and I are grateful for all the work the team produce and look forward to continuing our partnership with exciting plans this year and beyond.”

Annabel Griffiths VP
Citeline Marketing