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Software Box (as boxxe was formerly known) was founded 30 years ago as a software licensing business, providing IT services for security and defence industries which saw them become accredited by the Ministry of Defence.

Over the years it evolved into a reseller of IT infrastructure management and data solutions across public & corporate sectors. In 2022 the recently re-named boxxe approached Mammoth with ambition to be in the top 3 IT resellers within 3 years.

The IT reseller market is not known for investing in the power of brand to accelerate growth. Many are seen as ‘box shifters’ focused on commodity tech sales. Brands hidden in a ‘sea of same’ blighted by lack of personality and narrative. A risky approach as Amazon Business continues to make inroads with its offering.

As with many markets post-pandemic, this sector also struggled with acquiring & retaining great talent.

boxxe recognised the need to address a weak brand positioning, and a lack of employee value proposition. They needed a North Star to focus their business and galvanise a post-pandemic fragmented team.


We set out with the mission to make boxxe the most human centric business in their sector and beyond. Through flexible tech solutions they enable workplaces (and humans) to function more efficiently and productively.

‘Making Tech Human’ is at heart of who boxxe are and has become an offering they provide as an extension of the tech product.

To power the boxee brand we put the focus on people and expertise. Combining internal & external insights from our Brand Process and research, there was overwhelming recognition of the importance of relationship building, built on boxxe knowledge and trust.

Self monikered ‘boxxers’ priding themselves on applying their expertise to simplify the complex, successfully cultivating value-added relationships with customers & prospects.

By immersing ourselves into the boxxe market, we designed customer personas aimed at individual buying triggers, motivations and pain points.

This was brought to life with a campaign aimed at driving awareness, targeting key decision makers and defined personas – across social channels, performance digital, events and ATL.

This strategy has been built out further into an always-on content marketing model that can scale further – a seamless customer journey, from lead generation, consideration, nurturing and conversion.



We amplified expertise, embedding it into the boxxe DNA.

The proprietary power behind longstanding partnerships with Microsoft, Dell, VMware, and many more.

Creating a consultancy-style positioning, boxxe has elevated out of a ‘sea of same’ and onto a high value platform, reinforcing customer relationships and employee value.


“Mammoth quickly understood and shared our ambition for the brand. They ‘got it’, rapidly culturally aligning to boxxe. Listening, challenging, to deliver a brand proposition we’re all very proud of. The team demonstrated strong strategic thinking and creativity, with a proposition and launch campaign setting boxxe apart from the competition.”

Nicola Stubbs - Head of Brand